The Back-to-School “To-Buy” List


In my previous post, I shared with you My Back-to-School To-Do List. In addition to creating my To-Do List at the beginning of each year, I also create a “To-Buy” list, which includes some things I actually NEED and some things on my wish list! supplymeme1This was me at Office Depot this summer.  Only instead of friends, I brought my six and eight year old!  Oh yes I did have them each check out with my debit card to get their 10 per customer limit of two pocket folders and 3 per customer dollar sharpies!    Sales like these are a teacher’s dream come true!

I felt so proud of myself for saving so much money at Office Depot!  Next, we headed across the street to Target with the intention of getting a birthday gift.  Two hundred and some dollars later, we had a birthday gift and more goodies for Mommy’s classroom!

Every year, I tell myself I am not going to spend too much of my own money on my classroom, but sometimes I just can’t help it!  We all do it, but we can do it on a budgsupplymeme2et!

I start by shopping for the deals at Office Depot, Target, The Dollar Tree, and then I fill up my Amazon Shopping Cart or place items on my wish list to purchase at a later date.  Here are some of my teacher my haves…

  1.  Brewster Wall Pop Dry Erase Dots I just ordered two sets of these for my small group / teacher table, and I can’t wait to use them!  I know the kids are going to love them!  I plan on using them for encoding words during word building, sight word practice, letter / number writing, and so much more!  The possibilities are endless.  They have gotten great reviews, which always makes me feel comfortable ordering.  Be sure when ordering that you order the ones that say DRY-ERASE.  They do sell many wall decals that are not dry-erase.

2.  Amscan Fluffy Decoration Pom Poms 3 Pack – Pink Blue Green 

These pom-pom decorations won’t break the budget, and they will add so much brightness to your classroom.  This year, I will be adding the yellow and purple pom poms to my decor.  My teammate had an awesome idea to match the pom pom to the table color and hang it right abovclassroome the center of the table.  This year, I am having a pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple table.  I have two weeks before my kids start.  I will post a pic once this is completed.  Here is a pic from last year’s classroom, where you can see the multicolor pack hung in the room.  Everyone who visits my room comments on how bright and cherry it is – even in the dreary winter months!  I highly recommend them!

3.  Plastic Neon Bins by Really Good Stuff  –  As seen in the photo above, these plastic bins and plastic caddies have added so much color to my room as well.  They have also helped me organize materials.  This was my splurge last year.  I have center material categories organized by color.  Students know exactly what area they should be working in by the bin color!

4. Ticonderoga Beginner Pencil Value Pack  Because you will never have enough pencils!!!  This is one of the best deals I have found on Ticonderogas.  You get a wholesale case of 25 case of carded pencil packs.  Each card contains 2 pencils (50 total pencils).  Students have pencils on their supply lists, but I always like to have extras on hand.

5.  Sharpies Colorburst Pack of 24 Markers
If you miss out on the dollar deals on Sharpies at Office Depot, this pack is a great value!  You get 24 colorburst markers for $16.  As a teacher, you can never have enough sharpies!


6. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers My other favorite markers are, of course,  Mr. Sketch Markers! You will love them.  Your students will love them.  You’re guaranteed to get a laugh every time when you look around and see all the dotted noses when your kinders use them!


7.  Do A Dot Art is great for so many things in kindergarten.  Many TPT sellers are creating worksheets where students dab the correct answer.  I also use them for a variety of arts and crafts projects throughout the year!


8.  Reusable Dry Erase Pockets  

I just ordered a set of these awesome dry erase pockets.  I think they will be perfect for the beginning of the year, especially with tracing the alphabet, numbers, and names.  I love that they can be used over and over again without wasting so much paper!

So, now you know what’s on my “To-Buy” list. supplymeme3 What’s on your teacher wish list this year?