Are you ready for some FOOTBALL WRITING?

slide2  This year, I wanted to create a fun fall bulletin board!  I created these Custom Football Writing Templates and the kids created goals for the year.  These came out awesome!

Here are my teacher tips if you want to create a similar bulletin board…

  1.  Take the kids’ pictures pretending to pass/hike a football, print, and cut out.
  2. Choose the template you like best, copy onto brown construction paper, and complete the writing.
  3. Using 12×18 construction paper, fold it in half.  Have the children paint a white line down the fold.
  4. I made pencil marks for them to paint over for the yard lines – older kids will be able to do this independently!  Make four marks on the top (2 on each side of the yard line), and four on the bottom.  Have the children paint these with white as well.
  5. Assemble when dry and hang!

Twelve custom templates are included for beginner writers in kindergarten to more advanced writers in 5th!

I get so many compliments on this board!  Enjoy!