RHYME TIME TURKEYS make for a Happy Thanksgiving!

I slide1am super excited to share my THANKSGIVING RHYME TIME TURKEYS with you!  I love a good bulletin board, and this might just be my favorite one yet!

I just finished creating these with my kinders this week, and they turned out super cute!  What I love most about this craftivity is that it incorporates phonemic awareness skills (rhyming) along with phonics skills (encoding).  This product includes 20 word families!  In kindergarten, I used the short /a/ patterns since that is the only vowel we have covered at this point.  If you are using this in first or second grade, it would be a great idea to use all 20 families and challenge each student with a different word family!

Here are my teacher tips for assembling these adorable turkeys in your classroom!

1.  Select which body style you prefer to use.  If using one of the clipart patterns, copy onto cardstock.  If you choose to use the kids as turkeys, slide2take their pictures and print out! (When taking pictures, be sure to crop around body as closely as possible.  The head should be at the very top and feet at very bottom without leaving too much space around the perimeter.)  This is my favorite option!  The kids turned out too cute!

2.  Select which word family feathers you would like to use and copy onto white cardstock. (I am doing all the families with the
short /a/ since that is the only vslide3owel pattern I have introduced in kindergarten.  First grade teachers could use all 20 templates giving each student a different family!)

3.  Have children use dot art or watercolors to paint feathers page.  (I use dot art – dries the same day and less mess!)turkey7





4.  After the feathers dry, have students complete the word family portion by adding a letter or twoturkey6 before the family.  (I let them use pencil first.  Once I check it, I give them a black
sharpie or magic marker to trace over their writing and the dotted word family font.)

5.  Cut out feathers and assemble behind turkey body.  Glue or staple onto turkey4construction paper and mount onto last page in file (“____’s Rhyme Time Turkey”).  .  Laminate if you wish.  (If you are laminating, use glue instead of staples).  Display for the perfect THANKSGIVING DAY BULLETIN BOARD for the month
of November!


Enjoy!  I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving, and I hope you get some well-deserved time off of school to spend with your family!